Services and Pricing

MCTA is open Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
On Demand pricing
Prices: $1 City, $3 County
Ages: 0-12 Free with Parent or Guardian
13+ Regular Rates Apply
Out of Zone: $2.00 per mile
$12.00 per hour wait time
Share Ride: $10.00 each way
On Demand Only: Wheel Chair passengers - Escorts ride for Free

Weekend Service (Fri & Sat)
5:30pm-10:30pm – Friday
9am-9pm - Saturday
**NEW PHONE NUMBER 270-752-1139**
MCTA Routes - Deviated Fixed Route
Community Route #1 - FREE (7:00am-4:15pm Mon-Fri)
Community Route #2 - FREE (8:30am-4:41pm Mon-Fri)
Community Route Evenings - FREE (4:45pm-10:00pm Mon-Thur)
Gold Route $1.00 per ride or $100 unlimited passper semester
(7-5pm Mon- Fri) Gold Route ONLY runs while MSU is in session

Group Outings: MCTA contracts to provide regular transportation services for an organization or group, including group outings. Call for details.

Carry-on-Package (No furniture) – Our goal of providing safe and reliable transportation service to the public requires that we limit the carry-on packages to what the boarding individual can safely bring aboard at one time. No person shall bring or carry aboard a Transit vehicle any package or article of a size that will block any isle or stairway on the vehicle.

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